A specialist in pet-friendly, family-friendly design.

Alexandria Gazette - Alexandria Gazette
Washington, DC, DC


I think Wiener should be considered for sainthood.  I mean seriously, consider all of the mothers, pet owners, and spouses of slobs who dream of buying nice-looking upholstered furniture but resist because they live in fear of it being destroyed.  And think of all that money spent on Scotchguard, a product with an environmentally history.

Mother Nature Network - Mother Nature Network
unknown, MD


A Million Dollar Idea!

Steve Harvey - The Steve Harvey Show
Chicago, IL


Expert decorating for kids and pets!

The Washington Post - The Washington Post
Washington, DC


A new line of slob-friendly upholstered furniture...messy foods like chocolate sauce and ketchup easily wipe off!

The New York Times - The New York Times
New York, NY


Sure, cats and kids are adorable, but if you have ’em, you’ve probably given up all hope of having nice furniture. Don’t worry, though, Slobproof [has] it covered.

The New York Post - The New York Post
New York, NY


[The Paint Pen is] a quick and easy way to touch up the paint that didn’t involve hauling out a can and a brush!

The New York Times - The New York Times
New York, NY


Good news for extra-messy eaters - the stain-resistant pieces also eliminate household germs!

StarTribune - StarTribune
Minneapolis, MN


A great tool to have at home is the Slobproof Paint Pen for touch-ups!  Very handy!

House & Home - House & Home


It was only a matter of time before some genius woman came up with this.  It makes sense that's she's a busy wife and mother (to teenage boys, no less).

Real Simple - Real Simple
Boise, ID

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