Pet Friendly Doctor

104210375-blue-collar-millionaire-s2-bio-203-02.1910x1000Debbie Wiener is the owner and designer of Slobproof! While she is NOT a slob, she married one! Then she had two boys, a dog and a bird and they became slobs and well...... instead of losing her sanity and screaming at her family, she decided to design a slobproof home.


From carrying bags to clothing, pet-friendly decor is all the rage. If there's an animal at home, be it a pet or a significant other, take special care in choosing upholstery fabrics that hide scratches, shedding hair and unpleasant animal odors. Here's how to keep your furniture in tip-top shape when living with your feline and canine friends:

Choose Leather: Seating covered in leather that's been coated with a protective sealant will help prevent staining and scratch marks from showing in your animal house. Shedding hair glides right off and leather doesn't absorb smells. When shopping for leather, try this test. Run your fingernail on the leather sample. If it doesn't leave a mark, the leather has more than likely been glazed or coated with a protective finish and would be a perfect choice for hard-wearing upholstery.

Consider Ultra Suede and Ultra Leather: These are synthetics made from polyester and polyester/nylon blends that come in hundreds of colors and price ranges. If your pet sheds, the suede-like fabrics may be tougher to clean since hair will stick to the soft surface while the leather-like choices will wipe clean. But both have stain resistant and scratch-proof qualities equally suited for animal environments . The higher the quality you choose, the more real the product looks and feels. They're as good as it gets when it come to low-maintenance, stain and scratch resistant upholstery coverings.

Look to Outdoor Fabrics like Solution-Dyed Acrylic: Sometimes sold under the trade name "Sunbrella" these outdoor fabrics offer great protection because they are made to be moisture, mildew and stain resistant. Best of all, these outdoor-quality fabrics come in a vast array of textures, colors and prints- so you won't be limited to smooth solid-colored choices as you would with the suggestions above.

Debbie Wiener, Owner/Chief Slob of Slobproof

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