Find the Paint Pen at Lowe's!


The Touch-Up Paint Pen is MUST-HAVE for every home-owner:

  1. Fills with your own paint for quick & easy touch-ups to any painted surface - no paint brush or paint can needed!

  2. Includes a syringe easy filling straight from the paint can.

  3. Keeps paint vacuum-sealed for years of use…get rid of old paint cans!

  4. Nylon brush-head & twist-activated barrel give precision control for mess-free projects.

  5. Simply rinse the brush-head, replace the protective cap and conveniently store in a drawer when finished for future use.

What People Are Saying


No longer are the animals relegated to unhappily "whining in the hall" behind closed doors. This is furniture both humans and animals can enjoy.


Watch the Touch-Up Paint Pen in action: