Find the Paint Pen at Lowe's!


The Touch-Up Paint Pen is MUST-HAVE for every home-owner:

  1. Fills with your own paint for quick & easy touch-ups to any painted surface - no paint brush or paint can needed!

  2. Includes a syringe easy filling straight from the paint can.

  3. Keeps paint vacuum-sealed for years of use…get rid of old paint cans!

  4. Nylon brush-head & twist-activated barrel give precision control for mess-free projects.

  5. Simply rinse the brush-head, replace the protective cap and conveniently store in a drawer when finished for future use.

What People Are Saying


I think Wiener should be considered for sainthood. I mean seriously, consider all of the mothers, pet owners, and spouses of slobs who dream of buying nice-looking upholstered furniture but resist because they live in fear of it being destroyed. And think of all that money spent on Scotchguard, a product with an environmentally harmful history.


Watch the Touch-Up Paint Pen in action: