Attention all klutzes, slobs, pet owners and — yes — parents: You can now own furniture that is sure to withstand food drops, beverage spills and that everyday wear-and-tear that has ruined your furniture in the past.

Shelterpop - Shelterpop
Peoria, IL


What if someone told you that you could decorate your home with beautiful upholstered furniture and never worry about fingerprints, spilled food or artistic creations drawn by little hands? I'd say it's about time!

Lifetime Moms - Lifetime Moms
Walla Walla, WA


No longer are the animals relegated to unhappily "whining in the hall" behind closed doors. This is furniture both humans and animals can enjoy.

Bark, Sniff, Drool - Bark, Sniff and Drool
Santa Clarita, CA


I think Wiener should be considered for sainthood.  I mean seriously, consider all of the mothers, pet owners, and spouses of slobs who dream of buying nice-looking upholstered furniture but resist because they live in fear of it being destroyed.  And think of all that money spent on Scotchguard, a product with an environmentally history.

Mother Nature Network - Mother Nature Network
unknown, MD


It was only a matter of time before some genius woman came up with this.  It makes sense that's she's a busy wife and mother (to teenage boys, no less).

Real Simple - Real Simple
Boise, ID


Slobproof is impervious to spills, stains, or incontinent episodes....It's a practical choice for comfortable, durable seating in heavy use areas. 

Long Term Living - Long Term Living
Chicago, IL


Interior design solutions are a dime a dozen, but interior design solutions that survive kids, pets and those who hate cleaning are rare.

Freelance Moms - Freelance Moms
Sacramento, CA


This handy paint pen would have solved my problems pretty quickly.  It's a heck of a lot easier than storing bulky cans just for tiny touch-ups.

Design Sponge - Design Sponge
unknown, MD


Embrace our newest obsession: the Slobproof Paint Pen.  In addition to the freedom to toss those bulky paint cans, we love the pen’s accuracy for negotiating intricate corners and tiny dings.

Pure Wow - Pure Wow
unknown, MD


In minutes you can cover dings, scratches, any other minor damage to your painted surfaces.  "It's a mother's dream come true!"

unknown, AZ

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