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Wiener To The Rescue

Slobproof's Debbie Wiener on The Steve Harvey Show

Debbie shows Steve how she turned her million-dollar idea into a reality with her Slobproof! Paint Pen, then coaches other women entrepreneurs to turn their invention into a success.

Slobproof's Debbie Wiener on The Steve Harvey Show

Debbie shares more great tips for starting your own business and coaches two other inventors who need help turning their ideas into success stories.

Slobproof's Debbie Wiener on The Steve Harvey Show

She's been there and done that and now Debbie Wiener shares her first-hand knowledge of turning a small business into a big success. Meet Amy Hansen of Amy's Candy Bar- located in Chicago - and in need of a business makeover so she can finally turn a profit. How do Steve and Debbie help Amy make her business dreams come true?

Got a great product idea, clever invention, or just need help growing your business? Wiener to the Rescue shows you how to make your business work for you! You can contact Debbie using the form below.


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